It took me a good half-year to figure out the point of this website. My first thought was that it must be a place for twits to congregate online. No thanks, I'll pass. Then after surfing around it seemed like one big voyeuristic IM conversation, like the "What are you doing now?" function of Facebook. Um, I'm already on Facebook. No thanks. Then I realized why/how it could be useful. Aside from staying tuned in to friends and colleagues endeavors and interests, it provides a casual platform to share stuff I want to share. For example, an article I enjoyed, or a website I think others will dig, or a one-line joke that had me cracking up. Whatevs. Pretty much anything that isn't right for this blog, but interesting enough to mentioned. Surf through and check out my feed, and the twits of my fellow tweeters. Sounds lame, but it's actually pretty cool. Trust me.